The story of LIND DNA begins with the family Lind’s discoveries of new opportunities with recycled leather and unfolds into a large range of interior collections and export to more than 40 countries.

The unique recycled leather is today the bedrock of most of the LIND DNA designs. It has showed outstanding physical characteristics and proved to be not just decorative, but both water repellent, heat resistant, durable, and easy to clean.

Local production, use of natural and sustainable materials and impeccable quality are among our founding values. That is why we design, create and produce in Denmark.

All our products are born out of sheer passion for subtle design and killer craftsmanship.

LIND DNA’s philosophy is simple:
We design and produce with passion – and hope in this way to generate positive effect on people and interiors.

At LIND DNA, we do our best to ensure a sustainable production by using local resources in our own production facilities in Aarhus, Denmark. Our sustainable profile is underscored by the use of Danish craftsmen and their experience – living by the concept “Made in Denmark” is s not only a business strategy, but common sense at LIND DNA.

Sustainable design and the use of natural resources like recycled leather are at the root of the LIND DNA design and business strategy. We believe that through collaboration with our partners and with society and through a set of guiding principles, we can ensure a sustainable development and production that respects the environment today and tomorrow.

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