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For decades we have been renowned for our quality and reliability, strengthened by our 100% commitment to design and manufacture exclusively in Europe. As a result we guarantee our products will meet your expectations with their style, quality and finish… A sturdy, stylish tray, an unbreakable tumbler or plate enhances the customer experience in your restaurant, bar, canteen or hospital. We are determined to produce products of only the highest quality. Our ISO 9001 certificate is clear proof of this. In 2005 we started our collaboration with Smidesign of Belgium. Smidesign create impressive, innovative products perfectly tailored to the client’s needs. You will recognise these products from the Smidesign logo in the catalogue.

Finally, we have our in-house graphics department that make all your customising dreams possible. Our only limit is imagination!

The amenities of a catering business depends a lot on what customers have in their hands. A lousy tray or shatterproof glass full of scratches is detrimental to the overall user experience. A stylish and high quality tray or clear glass creates a positive experience and therefore an optimal perception of your brand or organisation.

Roltex celebrate it’s 50th anniversary in 2015. We look back on significant project achievements and the close working relationships forged with our customers. We believe that our personal approach to business rewards us with greater results year on year. Our anniversary is more than a look back on the past, it’s the starting point for future innovation and growth. We are investing in robotic technology, innovative new product ranges and reinforced our sales & marketing teams.
It is always exciting to present innovative new products. These are a result of a shared passion that all employees have in our Company. The new Wave series in Earth Tray, the Vitamin2 laminated trays, our splendid Agua and expanded TAO series of unbreakable drinkware.


Roltex wants to enhance your customer’s experience


Often in a hotel, restaurant or contract catering establishment, the customer’s perception of the organisation is greatly influenced by the first things they see and feel. Customers cannot fail to notice what is placed in front of them. In other words, the tray or tumbler can literally make or break the customer’s experience.

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