How many times have you wanted to throw a special dinner
and add a touch of light to the table and you have not been able to?

What to do when you want to illuminate a corner
of the room and you don’t have a power socket nearby?

How to achieve this without sacrificing design,
without going to plastic/cheap-looking solution or a product fake replica?

Our aim is to address all these questions with Teia Lamp: a rechargeable table lamp through a usb-C connection, with warm (3000 K) and dimmable illumination by means of a touch button.

Teia Lamp is manufactured one by one in Spain, only with noble materials: wood, carved marble, silk, organza and cotton. Available in three sizes: M, L (both are designed for a dining table as their height will not prevent you from see the interlocutor seated in front of you) and the XL imagined for a side table.

But of course, these are only suggestions…
you adjust its design and you decide how you use it!