Tabletop Stories: 5 Tabletop Design Tips from 1765 Gemini

March 21, 2024

Tabletop stories is an age-old tradition in hospitality and embodies the mastery of crafting visually stunning tabletop designs. At its core, tabletop stories and tabletop designs require meticulous arrangement and attention to detail of hospitality tableware, centrepieces, and other decorative elements to create a unified and aesthetically pleasing ambience to the table and its surrounds. Let’s embark on a tabletop design story with the expertise of 1765 Gemini and 1765 Gemini The Store. Here are 5 tips from our expert hospitality team, to create your perfect tabletop design story. 


5 Tabletop Design Tips 


  1. Setting The Foundation

First things, first. Is there a specific theme or occasion that your tabletop design is for? It is important to set the foundation by carefully selecting a tablecloth or table runner that will harmonise with your desired tabletop story. Is this an intimate family dinner, a sophisticated dinner party or are you a restaurant owner looking to elevate your restaurant? When selecting your table linen, remember to consider the choice of fabric, colour and texture to set the tone for your overall tabletop design.


  1. Let’s Set The Table

The next crucial step is to curate a collection of hospitality tableware, chinaware and cutlery that seamlessly aligns with your chosen theme. Pay attention to the shape, colour, and material of the plates, bowls, glassware and cutlery, ensuring each element contributes to your desired result. At 1765 The Store, our flagship cash and carry – we can help you explore a diverse range of in-house and international hospitality tableware brands, guided by our expert team to select the perfect pieces for you. From classic elegance to contemporary charm, find everything you need to complete your vision.


  1. Layering and Textures

To fully unlock the essence of your tabletop design, master the art of layering and textures. This introduces depth and visual interest. Why not experiment with placemats, napkins and charger plates in complimentary colours and patterns to harmonise with your chosen hospitality tableware and cutlery? One way would be to create contrast with rough-hewn wooden chargers and sleek porcelain plates, to create a captivating interplay of textures and take it to the next level.


  1. Light It Up

One should never forget the power of correct lighting for your tabletop design and to set the mood for your guests. 1765 Gemini along with our store at 1765 The Store – has an array of lighting options to infuse warmth and ambience, whether you are planning an intimate affair or a daytime gathering. Our range of lighting means you can enhance your overall dining experience effortlessly. Lighting not only enhances the atmosphere but also accentuates the beauty of your meticulously crafted tabletop arrangements. Explore our selection of tabletop lighting at 1765 The Store, designed to complement your desired aesthetic and elevate your tabletop designs to new heights.


  1. Set Your Stamp Of Approval

Last but not least, infuse your tabletop design with personal touches using bespoke details that reflect your unique style. Make your guests feel truly special with hospitality tableware accessories that are meaningful, but also speak to the theme or occasion of your gathering. Take note of the scale and proportions of your tableware accessories in proportion to your tabletop, so as to not overwhelm the space. You can also create focal points with a cluster of accessories such as candles, cases, and colours, to create a dynamic composition and captivate your guests. 


Mastering the art of tabletop design is an art-filled and inspiring journey that can truly create unforgettable experiences for your guests. Contact us today and be inspired by the expertise of 1765 Gemini as we transform ordinary tables into extraordinary works of art. Visit our store in Al Quoz, Dubai or browse our catalogue for your tabletop story inspiration! Our expert team of professionals look forward to bringing your ideas and vision straight to the dinner table.