The Latest At 1765 Gemini: Our New Obsession Hospitality Tableware

January 25, 2024

In the hospitality landscape, every detail contributes to the overall experience – and even the choice of tableware becomes a silent storyteller, weaving narratives of sophistication and innovation. Enter 1765 Gemini, an esteemed hospitality tableware and tabletop items supplier based in the heart of the UAE. Renowned for our commitment to quality and a penchant for pushing creative boundaries, our in-house brand has a new ‘Naturals’ collection that we’d like to share! Marked by its fusion of functionality and artistic allure, we’ve introduced a series of new ranges that draw inspiration from nature and the raw elements that surround us. As one of the region’s top restaurant tableware suppliers, we’re confident that chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers and others will adore Obsession Naturals


1. Speckled Blue


Inspired by the invigorating saltwater of the ocean, Speckled Blue captures the essence of coastal beauty with its creamy soft speckle base adorned with a turquoise and blue speckle overlay. This collection is meticulously designed to be the perfect canvas for presenting various culinary delights – especially those derived from the bounties of the sea. The outer embossment not only adds intricate detail, but also introduces an element of refinement that transforms each piece into a work of art. 

Speckled Blue is available in key plate sizes, ensuring a captivating and elegant food display that mirrors the natural allure of the ocean. In every dish served on this collection, there is a symphony of flavours harmonising with the visuals of this exquisite hospitality tableware – creating an unparalleled dining experience for your guests. 



2. Alabaster


Alabaster, a recent addition to Obsession Naturals collection, is a testament to our commitment to marrying nature’s artistry with tableware elegance. Inspired by the Lotus flower, these tabletop items capture the intricate ornamentation of nature, translating it onto dinnerware with a smooth mineral texture reminiscent of fine-grain marble. Alabaster features a timeless combination of simple round and floral shapes adorned with a striking speckle design, creating a unique and inspirational canvas! 

Accent bowls with blue decoration add a touch of distinction, while cups and saucers, available in matte brown or decorated finishes, complete the collection – adding versatility. In every piece, Alabaster narrates a visual story of nature’s finesse, making each dining experience an immersion into a world where elegance meets inspiration. 



3. Floral Blue


This collection is a harmonious blend of mix-and-match floral and leaf patterns, all inspired by the deep indigo blue hues of the Mediterranean Sea. Drawing from the soft, organic shapes found in nature’s flora and fauna, Floral Blue unfolds as a beautiful array of designs that offer endless presentation opportunities. The richness of patterns seamlessly combines with a neutral backdrop, creating the perfect setting where food takes centre stage and turns into a visual feast. 

In Floral Blue, the inclusion of complementary cups, jugs, and shakers completes the range – offering a comprehensive solution for a well coordinated tabletop setting. As this collection unfolds, it transports diners to the Mediterranean shores, where deep blue sea meets lush landscapes. 



But, wait – there’s more! Our Obsession Naturals collection is filled with a variety of ranges that are each inspired by a distinctive natural element. You can browse the entire collection online via our downloadable catalogue, or you can visit your favourite restaurant tableware suppliers, 1765 The Store, in Al Quoz, Dubai to view it in person.