Churchill is one of the world’s major manufacturers of high quality ceramic tableware for the catering industry. Based in Stoke on Trent, England, Churchill can trace its development back to the establishment of one of its constituent companies, Sampson Bridgwood, in 1795 and has developed progressively, building a reputation as an innovative and reliable supplier of quality products.

The name Churchill “China” appropriately reflects the adaptation by the English of the worldwide name for ceramics as “china”, due to the prestigious national history of pottery manufacturing in China. Churchill’s history itself dates back to the 18th century, a period renowned in England for the inception of the pottery industry. This industry flourished at the heart of the country in the area now known as the “Potteries”. In fact, to this day, all Churchill’s products that are produced for the Hospitality industry, for use in professional kitchens and restaurants, are still manufactured with great pride in that very region of England.

Currently, Churchill products are used in restaurants and hotels in over 40 countries worldwide, excellently serviced by their global distributor network. It was back home in the UK though that Churchill first made their mark on the Hospitality industry. In 1999, they became the UK’s leading supplier of dinnerware to the catering industry, and since then they have never looked back, committed to their corporate mission…..

“To be a leading provider to the global tabletop market and deliver value through excellence in design, quality and customer service.” 

How has success been achieved? In truth, excellent service through their substantial global network of distributors has played its part, as has their dedicated, continuous commitment towards bringing new products to market. However, the most influential factor in Churchill’s success has been the development of two types of unique ceramic bodies that are perfectly suited for use in professional catering establishments.