Every household in the UK has at least 1 of our products

Originally established in 1850 by a gentleman named Thomas Plant we specialised in manufacturing and wholesale of ironmongery and household products. Many of our customers still refer to us as Thomas Plant and have dealt with us for decades reflecting our rich heritage. In 1996 we changed our name from Thomas Plant to Kitchen Craft to give customers more indication of what we do and began establishing ourselves as market leaders in all types of kitchen and homewares products and accessories.

We now also form part of Lifetime Brands inc., a leading global provider of kitchenware, tableware and other products used in the home. Working as part of a global organisation gives you the reassurance we have the resources to deliver cutting edge products at exactly the right time.

Our Products

We offer an unparalleled choice of cooking, baking, food preparation, serving items and gifts. With such a huge selection of products, it’s hard to believe that we specialise, but we do!

Monitoring key design, home and cooking trends, we strive to provide you with a constant stream of high quality inspiring products that you will struggle to resist. Consistently winning the Best of Best Sellers UK housewares industry product awards, we appreciate and strive to accommodate everybody’s budget, demands and expectations through our individual brands.

Designing products in the UK and working with the latest technologies, materials and factories both at home and around the world, if we don’t already do it, believe us, it is either being worked on or is in the plan!