The name LIND DNA is derived from the family ties between the founders, the company and the personal, unique designs. The story of LIND DNA begins with the founders and family members Bine, Mie and Preben Lind’s discoveries of new opportunities with recycled leather and unfolds into a large range of interior collections and export to more than 30 countries.

The unique recycled leather which today is the bedrock of most of the LIND DNA designs showed outstanding physical characteristics and after developing the material within the family, it proved to be not just decorative, but both water repellent, heat resistent, durable, and easy to clean.

This became the foundation of the company – LIND DNA was born.

Our vision is to create designs that respect and challenge the Danish design tradition. Local production, use of natural and sustainable materials and the ties of our family are among our founding values. All LIND DNA products are designed, manufactured and packaged in Aarhus, Denmark. Despite the fact that several of our products demand highly specialized precision and experience, we are determined not to outsource any production processes outside of Denmark.

The richness of traditional Danish craftsmanship and the skilled labour force ensures an impeccable quality in all LIND DNA products.

The local production allows for great attention to detail and high quality standards in all designs, as the Lind family is involved in all processes from design to production and distribution.

The local production and the use of local materials puts minimum stress on the environment and we make it our priority to create jobs in Denmark and contribute to Danish society.

Sustainability and the use of natural resources are at the heart of the LIND DNA design and business strategy. We believe that through collaboration with our partners and through a set of guiding principles, we can ensure a sustainable development and production that respects the environment today and tomorrow.