1765 Gemini’s Hospitality Tableware In MENA’s 50 Best Restaurants

March 21, 2024

The Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) 50 best restaurants are a celebration of the best places to eat across 19 countries. This includes the Gulf, Saudi Arabia, Levant-plus, Israel, and North Africa. The list provides an opportunity to unite food, gourmet chefs and travel media from all over the region – acting as a celebration of cuisine and hospitality. MENA’s 50 best restaurants further promotes the culinary strength and diversity present in this region, to the world. As an innovative hospitality tableware provider, 1765 Gemini supplies the top GCC chefs with unique dining and tabletop products to portray their culinary creations. 

Several brands and ranges available in the 1765 store, are featured in MENA’s 50 best restaurants, and here are our top 3! 

  1. Orfali Bros Bistro

Awarded first place this year, Orfali Bros Bistro captured the world’s imagination with their brilliant culinary storytelling. Headed up by a Syrian-born trio of brothers – Mohamad, Wassim and Omar Orfali – this distinctive neighbourhood eatery combines traditions and modern techniques. Orfali Bros Bistro serves up their take on Arabic cuisine alongside other global cuisines, with a progressive yet nostalgic spin! 

1765 Gemini has supplied Orfali Bros Bistro with unique tableware ranges that add to their innovative culinary experiences. Featured below are two incredible dishes from their menu – the Tuna Salsa Roja and Hokkaido Scallop & Sea Buckthorn, plated beautifully on Soshun and Pordamsa’s Gastro collection.   


  1. Trèsind Studio 

Awarded second place on MENA’s 50 best restaurants this year, Trèsind Studio offers boundless creativity and showmanship, to redefine Indian gastronomy. Headed up by Chef Himanshu Saini, this restaurant provides fantastically experimental and highly conceptual dishes. With only 20 seats available, you are in for an intimate and theatrical dining experience at Trèsind Studio! 

As an innovative hospitality tableware provider, we have supplied this wonderful establishment with an array of unique tabletop items. Featured below are two dishes from their tasting menu – the Charred Lobster Tail & Corn Curry and the Charred Lobster Tail with Fermented Green Chilli on Pordamsa’s Roca collection.    


  1. Ossiano Dubai

Awarded fourth place in MENA’s 50 best restaurants, Ossiano offers exquisitely executed seafood-focused dishes in a subaquatic spot. With a dining room situated inside a large aquarium, guests have an immersive culinary experience. On the pass is Chef Gregoire Berger, who delivers waves of theatrical dishes that are focused on the coastal seas. 

Ossiano offers an incredibly advanced gastronomic experience that leaves diners with lifelong memories. 1765 Gemini has supported their culinary vision with unique hospitality tableware that complements their oceanic theme. Featured below is their Langoustine with Dry Miso & Yuzu on our very own Obsession Granite range: 

In short, MENA’s 50 best restaurants is a true celebration of the extraordinary gastronomy present and growing in this region. 

Each restaurant on this list, including Orfali Bros Bistro, Trèsind Studio and Ossiano Dubai, offer dining guests a unique culinary experience. As a hospitality tableware supplier, we are exceptionally proud and honoured to be a part of these culinary journeys. We love being able to supply top chefs and restaurants in MENA with unique tabletop items that tie their wonderful culinary visions together! 

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