The New Obsession in Hospitality Tableware: Rustic Glazed Stoneware

April 16, 2024

Are you a food enthusiast who loves to present your culinary creations in the most appealing way possible? Do you enjoy the natural beauty of the world around us? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you need to check out 1765 Gemini’s very own Obsession plate collection of gourmet landscape tableware. We are obsessed with rustic glazed hospitality tableware and tabletop accessories. Our products are all manufactured by Studio 1765, and are designed to bring the beauty of nature to your dining table. Obsession’s reactive glazed stoneware comes in multiple ranges, each offering different colours, glaze effects, and shapes – making our collections perfect for the modern chef looking to create the ultimate gourmet landscape with products created by hospitality experts! 

Obsession’s collections are unique because of the rustic and reactive quality of the glaze finish. You will notice subtle speckling, textures and wash effects which add to the appeal and desirability of our tableware. Whether you are looking for stunning neutrals, natural tones or vivid brights, our products are sure to fit your style. Obsession is also designed to work with all the latest food trends and styles of food presentation, making it perfect for any occasion. 

Let’s explore Obsession’s latest tableware collections

  1. Charcoal

Introducing Charcoal, where the richness and depth of this range reflects the glowing embers of a fire. Enhanced by a stunning shimmer effect which is achieved through the matt black and bronze glaze finish. These tableware items shimmer in the light, giving each piece its own beauty and unique character. Charcoal illustrates a balance between rustic and high-end design, making this collection ideal for Asian and Fusion cuisine, as well as high-end steak houses. The depth of colour allows the food to stand out, combined with beautiful organic shapes that add value to the dining experience. Charcoal is available as a full range of items including flatware, bowls, cups and saucers in both simple and organic shapes, to complete the whole experience.

  1. Luna 

The beauty of Luna is in the simplicity of this elegant design, inspired by the celestial light of the moon. A subtle and neutral canvas that enables any chef to tell a story, allowing the food to take centre stage and the colours of the food to really shine. A classic smooth, shiny white glaze design with a contrasting matt grey rough stone finish, combines a classic and rustic look. Added value is also achieved through the textured embossing on the outside of the bowls and cups, and on the inside of some of the dishes. Luna offers an extensive range of items to be used across all parts of the dining experience, including plates, bowls, oval dishes, cups and saucers.

  1. Northern Lights 

This collection of stunning hospitality tableware pieces, takes inspiration from sailing through the Fjords under the Northern Lights. The waves of light create pools of turquoise glaze in the centre of the dishes, surrounded by a satin black rustic edge. Each piece is different and unique which adds to its charm and character – perfect for showcasing signature dishes on your restaurant’s menu. Available as a short range of key pieces, Northern Lights is designed to be mixed with Obsession’s other ranges, particularly Midnight Black.

Browse The Obsessions Plate Range

No matter what your style of hospitality is – our team has a design to suit your needs. We are confident that you will love our Obsession’s plate collections of rustic glazed hospitality tableware as much as we do. So why wait? Start creating your very own gourmet landscape today for your home, your restaurant or your event, with 1765 Gemini’s collection of products inspired by natural elements. Visit our team of hospitality experts at 1765 The Store and browse Obsession’s natural wonders.