Discover 1765 Gemini: A Luxury Chinaware Haven for GCC Chefs

May 1, 2024


In the vibrant culinary world, where innovation meets gastronomic excellence, one name stands out as the ultimate destination for luxury chinaware: 1765 Gemini. We pride ourselves on offering an incredible variety of chinaware that seamlessly complements the artistic flair of GCC chefs. Known for our premium dining products and tabletop accessories, we don’t just supply—we curate dining experiences, elevating establishments to new heights of sophistication.

Luxury Chinaware: Where Art Meets Functionality

Luxury isn’t just about tableware aesthetics; it’s about crafting an unforgettable dining experience where every detail matters. GCC chefs understand the importance of presentation, and they trust us to provide them with the finest chinaware that goes beyond functionality. They love the wide range of plating options available, whether it’s for adventurous gastronomy or a refined fine dining experience. They choose our products because they trust us to provide quality and variety that aligns perfectly with their vision. Our pieces are carefully chosen to elevate the dining ambience, turning each dish into a masterpiece.

Unrivalled Tableware Variety and Uncompromising Quality

What sets us apart is our incredible range of chinaware sourced from all around the world. From sleek modern designs to intricately crafted pieces, we offer an unmatched selection to match your unique style and vision. With over a decade of experience, our managing director, Martin Koebke, travels the world to handpick the most exquisite pieces, ensuring uncompromising quality and craftsmanship. 

Michelin Star Plating

How a dish looks is just as important as how it tastes. GCC chefs understand that the right chinaware can elevate their culinary creations from extraordinary to unforgettable. That’s why they turn to us where they find a carefully curated selection of tableware that not only complements their culinary creations but also adds an extra layer of sophistication to the dining experience, setting their establishments apart in the competitive dining landscape.

Crafting One of a Kind Dining Experiences

Every piece of chinaware has a story to tell. From the texture to the shape to the style, each element is carefully curated to create a cohesive and immersive dining experience. Top chefs know that when they choose tableware from us, they’re not just selecting plates and bowls; they’re investing in a vision of culinary excellence that delights the senses and captivates the imagination.

The Trusted Partner of GCC Chefs

Did you know that we supply some of the top chefs in the region with unique dining and tabletop products to bring their culinary creations to light? Several of our brands and ranges available have been featured in MENA’s 50 best restaurants. For chefs who demand the best, we are their trusted partner in culinary innovation. With our impressive selection, impeccable quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide more than just tableware—we offer a haven for culinary creativity, excellence and inspiration.

Elevate Your Dining Experience 

Attention to detail sets the best establishments apart. With us as your partner, you have access to luxury tableware that exceeds your highest expectations. Whether you run a Michelin-starred restaurant or a boutique eatery, our unique range is the key to creating unforgettable dining experiences. Ready to elevate your dining experience? Explore our exquisite range of luxury chinaware in our online catalogue or visit 1765 The Store warehouse in Al Quoz, Dubai, for a hands-on experience. Our team is always available to provide personalised assistance and recommendations to help you find the perfect chinaware for your culinary creations. Contact us today or see our store location here.