Our Journey: Supplying Innovative Hospitality Tableware to Top GCC Chefs

February 28, 2024

1765 Gemini is a leading GCC hospitality company, specialising in the distribution of premium dining products, tableware and tabletop accessories. We are an established, young, and dynamic team operating out of Dubai, UAE. Since opening our doors, we have been driving innovation in the hospitality and restaurant industry. 

We work with renowned hotel and hospitality brands as well as world famous restaurants and top GCC chefs. Our team provides experiential dining and tabletop solutions that encourage culinary creativity and an enhanced customer experience. Moreover, our professional consultant team goes the extra mile by offering bespoke hospitality advice based on decades of collective industry experience. 

Here’s how we’ve been pushing boundaries and driving innovation in our industry: 

  1. Partnering with leading international brands

Over the years, we have built some fantastic relationships with professional, like-minded dining and tableware brands from all over the world.

We have several industry-leading brands like Rosenthal, Robert Welch, Pordamsa, Stoelzle, LSA, Sambonet, Churchill China and more! By fostering and nurturing these relationships, we have been able to supply unique and artistic designs to GCC restaurants, hotels, events, and homes.  

Bringing international flare and passion for innovative hospitality tableware, each of these brands are built for the rigours of the industry.

  1. Building our exclusive, in-house Obsession brand 

Another way 1765 Gemini has driven innovation in the hospitality market, is through our very own brand – Obsession. A diverse collection of dining tableware, Obsession is a true reflection of our commitment, vision and expertise.  

Beautifully designed rustic glazed stoneware across expanding ranges of different colours, effects and shapes, inspire incredible culinary creations. Obsession has been crafted for the modern chef and is designed to complement the latest food trends and styles of food presentation. From Moonlight Grey and Moonlight Grey Aqua to our Olive, Earth and Nature ranges, there is something for everyone! 

  1. Working with top GCC chefs, restaurants & hotels 

We also get to see our vision and mission come to life through planning, collaboration, and building creativity and expertise for our hospitality distribution business. 

Working alongside incredibly talented clients and partners, our premium products are now in five-star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants across the UAE, Middle East, Seychelles, Maldives, Northern Africa and Europe. Being a part of this journey is something we hold incredibly close to our hearts. Whether that means inspiring chefs to create an exciting new dish on our tableware or being a complementary feature that enhances the culinary experience. It is all part of our vision as an industry innovator! 

Our team of experts are here to share our passion within the hospitality industry and in your home. We go the extra mile by providing incredibly creative solutions and expert consultancy from our professional, motivated and dynamic team!  

Get in touch with us if you’re looking for unique dining and tableware solutions for your restaurant, hotel, event or home.